Rock Solid Property Management Accounting Software

REI Master offers the easiest bank reconciliation on the market, making your end-of-month accounting simpler, faster, and hassle-free.

Our property management trust accounting software features a comprehensive end-of-month wizard that helps keep your accounts balanced and ensures your owners are paid on time.

Our easy, step-by-step trust accounting software lets you:

Perform banking closes with ease

Complete bank reconciliations with 3-Way balances

Create backups of each every end-of-month

Finalise disbursements of funds

Print, email, or export all required reports

Produce EFT files when required

Complete each end-of-month cycle with greater ease and confidence by using REI Master. Contact us today to learn more about REI Master.

Accounting Software Designed For Your Needs

Trust accounting is at the core of every property management business. REI Master makes your monthly accounting quick and easy to help ensure your trust account is always in perfect health.

  • Step-by-step, end-of-month wizard. Get your end-of-month accounting done quickly with a meticulous and helpful program guide assisting you.
  • Full compliance with Australian state/territory legislation. Do your business with greater peace of mind knowing that your accounting complies with industry regulations.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Stay on top of each month’s accounting with detailed reports that you can automatically send to stakeholders. Our end-of-month reporting batches also mean you’ll have all applicable reports available for audit purposes.
  • Detailed user permissions. Restrict critical areas to key staff so you can secure your sensitive data and information.
  • Full audit trail and log reports. Get a logical audit trail with a strong focus on compliance for your peace of mind. Auditors love our easy-to-follow reports, and you will too!
  • Flexible disbursement cycles. Make sure all your owners and suppliers are paid on time each month with flexible disbursement cycles.
  • Batch receipting and payments. Manage multiple payments easily with batch receipting that saves you time.
  • Journals in proper DR/CR format. Log all your debit and credit transactions effortlessly with entries properly formatted for you.
  • Quick backups. Create regular backups anytime! Remote backup options are also available for compliance.
  • Income Pooling. Manage multiple properties or assets easily with straightforward income pooling features.

Accounting Software That Makes Your Life Easier

Whether you’re managing one property or many, REI Master can help you get your trust accounting done in no time.

With a step-by-step guide, handy interface, and automated features, you’ll find it easier than ever to reconcile transactions, disburse funds, and create detailed records of every month’s financial activities. Our property management accounting software is also geared for compliance, helping to ensure that your accounting follows industry standards, making it easier to check and audit.

Use REI Master for your business and enjoy rock-solid trust accounting that saves you hours of work and checking each month.