Implementation Options


Our experienced team make the process of implementing REI Master into your office a breeze. We can tailor a solution to your needs, incorporating installation, coordination with your IT firm as required, scheduled consultations, training courses and data migration.

We can help you with Business Purchases. Start Ups. Business Expansion. Changing Systems. Data Migration.

Start up

If you are in the process of setting up a new office, talk to our team about our generous lead in times that help you hit the ground running on opening day.

Buying an existing business

Pre-settlement is the best time to properly evaluate the software systems used in the business you are buying. Outdated software, or software not designed for the style of business that you are buying could impact on your ability to meet your corporate objectives. Our team can ensure that your business has the right tools for the job and can meet the needs of all stakeholders from day one.

Changing from another program

More than 70% of businesses using REI Master have changed from our competitor's software at some stage. In most cases we can migrate your data. We have become experts at ensuring a smooth transition with minimum disruption to your business.

Buying a business already running REI Master

Our Management Change service ensures a smooth transition between the old and new management team. Our step-by-step procedure assists in closing of the old trust account(s) and the opening balances of the new trust account(s).

Converting from a manual system

You've grown your business and are now ready to get computerised. We can help you translate your existing manual processes into REI Master for accelerated efficiencies and a greater service delivery to your owners, tenants and other stakeholders.

Experienced REI Master user

If you've owned a business that operated REI Master, or worked in an office using our program, then we'd love to welcome you back. Talk to our sales team about our loyalty program and we'll have you set up in no time.

We have amazing trainers, comprehensive data migration tools and first class telephone support. Why wait to get started with REI Master? We understand how you work, because we live and breathe property management - just like you. No matter your type of business, we are experienced in the features that are important to you.