Holiday Letting


Use advanced channel management and online booking features to increase occupancy and manage bookings.

REI Master makes holiday letting easier than ever, giving you a variety of tools to organise bookings and plan room allotments quickly. This reservations module is perfect for management rights, motels, serviced apartments, real estate, holiday property management, holiday letting, hotels, backpackers, B & B's and marinas.

Enjoy a stunning visual display that uses a colour-coded system to provide an overview of all your property bookings. Use filters to check availability for specific rooms in seconds and check the status of any current booking with just a click or two.

With REI Master’s Holiday Letting module, you’ll have everything you need to stay on top of your holiday accommodations.


Explore the standout features and functions below to learn more.

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Holiday letting involves so much more than handing over the keys at reception. It is a niche business all its own. To be successful, you need software that’s up to the task. Fortunately, REI Master gives you just what you need to manage holiday bookings effortlessly.

  • Interactive bookings grid. Drag and drop bookings to manage occupancy easily. This grid also offers visual cues and custom views for a better overview of your available accommodations.

  • Compliant to the core. Every feature in REI Master is designed to help you stay fully compliant, letting you provide the level of service your guests deserve.

  • Flexible booking. Process deposits, refunds and booking alterations without breaking a sweat.

  • Full repeat guest module. Get analysis, reporting and marketing for repeat guests and loyal customers.

  • Seamless confirmation. Send confirmation letters, emails, SMS and marketing, including full task automation.

  • Profiling functionality. Use profiling to segment profitability from your permanent rent roll.

  • Customisable rate structures. Assign simple or complex rates including seasonal prices, stay/pay specials, weekend surcharges, no check in/check out rules, extras and much more.

  • Powerful networking. Connect to an online portal as well as popular third-party interfaces and networks, including SiteMinder, Levart, ResOnline, eTourism, Update247 and Allotz. You can also connect with your chosen online bookings partner, channel management system and a massive list of Online Travel Agents.

  • Two-way connectivity to TicketMates. Provide access to trip and tour content directly from a booking. This includes content for theme parks, tours and activities, travel and transport and so much more. Purchases for activities go straight into the guest's account, giving you a fantastic opportunity to increase your add-on revenue.

  • Housekeeping and detailed reporting. Create detailed booking reports and manage housekeeping tasks for different rooms from one screen.


Fully Integrated Payment Gateway

To make your booking management more seamless, our holiday letting module provides full integration with a payment gateway powered by eWay, enabling PCI-DSS tier 1 credit card processing within REI Master. This is suitable for any device and screen size. Bookings will drop seamlessly into your system, providing real-time updates to your reservations. It also features full support for tokenisation, refunds, card re-charge and emerging payment methods including PayPal, 3D Secure, MasterPass, Visa Checkout, AMEX Express checkout and more!