Repairs and Maintenance

Quotation requests, work orders and easy invoicing to your owners. Managing this never ending task is a breeze.

It's a never ending task that takes up a lot of your time - right? Trust REI Master to help you stay on top of all R&M tasks no matter how big or small.

Maintenance reporting and recording.

Internal user linking for maintenance scheduling and responsibility.

Merge to entry notices for maintenance, bulk or individual.

Reminders with lead times of your choice.

Recurring maintenance for jobs like smoke alarms, pool compliance, etc., to help mitigate your duty of care.

Work orders and quotation requests.

Dashboard alerts.

In maintenance accounting to charge owner, credit supplier/credit business for maintenance costs.

Link documents from maintenance into REI Master's document management system.

Sync to MS Outlook calendar, then sync to your phone.

View/manage all maintenance on one screen.

Segment maintenance by user and/or portfolio.

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