Repairs and Maintenance


Sending quotation requests, assigning work orders and sending invoices to your owners – manage these never-ending tasks and take full control with REI Master.

Repairs and maintenance is a fundamental element of property management and managing these activities will likely be a regular part of your day.

REI Master helps you stay on top of all your repair and maintenance tasks so you’re always in control. No matter how big or small your maintenance tasks may be, REI Master will help you manage it easily. Whether you’re requesting a one-off repair job or scheduling routine property maintenance, REI Master will help you do it faster and easier than ever.


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  • Maintenance overview. View/manage all outstanding maintenance tasks from one screen so you can manage them quickly and more efficiently.

  • Reporting and recording. Report and record all maintenance for each managed property with a few clicks. You can fill in details of each task, schedule maintenance dates and times, and track progress for each task.

  • Work orders and quotation requests. Send work orders and quotation requests to your preferred suppliers automatically upon confirming each maintenance task to be completed.

  • Internal user linking for maintenance scheduling and responsibility. Assign users for each task so every maintenance activity is accounted for.

  • Merge entry notices for maintenance in bulk or individually. Save time by sending entry notices automatically to tenants and/or owners upon finalising your maintenance order.

  • Receive reminders with lead times of your choice. Never forget about a repair or maintenance task again by setting reminders with customisable lead times.

  • Schedule recurring maintenance jobs. Set recurring maintenance jobs easily to help mitigate your duty of care. This is perfect for maintenance jobs like checking/replacing smoke alarms, ensuring pool compliance, and pest control.

  • Dashboard alerts. Get alerts and notifications for urgent tasks and reminders so you’re always on top of your maintenance activities.

  • Assign charges to owners. Charge the respective owners for any work done by crediting the supplier or crediting the business, depending on how you pay your suppliers. You can also link copies of invoices for each task to create official records.

  • Segment maintenance by user and/or portfolio. Manage maintenance tasks more efficiently by segmenting tasks by user or portfolio. This is especially useful if you manage multiple properties.


Seamless Syncing

You can sync all maintenance tasks to your MS Outlook calendar, so you know what’s coming up even if you’re not using REI Master. You can also sync activities to your phone to make sure you’ll never miss a scheduled activity when you’re out of the office. With REI Master, you can manage your repairs and maintenance activities no matter where you are.

Integrate with the REI Master Document Management System

Link any documents generated here with REI Master's document management system to keep official records of all maintenance activities for each managed property. By doing this, you can print or resend any invoice or job order easily no matter how long ago it was completed.