Customer Relationship Management

Easily track, manage and control all user tasks. Communicate via SMS, email, mail merge and our full two-way MS Outlook synchronisation.

Property Management is all about communication.

REI Master has a comprehensive CRM built into every aspect of the software.

Per user tasks including conversations, emails, SMS, fax, document linking, meetings, sticky notes, phone calls, to do's, inspections, maintenance and mail merge.

Emails in your inbox from relevant stakeholders (owners, tenants, suppliers etc.) are automatically duplicated into your REI Master database (MS Exchange).

MS Outlook integration for email, contacts, calendar (maintenance, inspections, meetings), then sync right to your phone! (MS Exchange).

Merge fields to SMS, email and documents, including word, pdf and HTML templates.

SMS directly out of REI Master PLUS SMS replies can go straight to your email inbox.

Full contact management including categories, buy/sell/rent/investment intentions, matching, segmenting, mass communication and more.

Reminders and recurring tasks.

Match buyers to properties, and match properties to buyers, link contacts to important files.

REI Master is everything you need to be an awesome property manager!

We live and breathe Property Management from the IT side of things.