Customer Relationship Management


Track, manage and control all user tasks with REI Master. Communicate with clients via SMS, email, mail merge and our full two-way MS Outlook synchronisation.

Property Management is all about communication. The better you communicate with your clients, the easier your work will be.

That’s why REI Master offers a comprehensive contact management system that integrates seamlessly with every feature in our software. Send SMS alerts on the fly, email updates to your client list, or create calendar invites for scheduled events – all with a few clicks on-screen.

Whether you’re coordinating with a single client or several property owners, you’ll get the flexibility you need to get in touch with them easily.


Learn about our Contact Management features below to find out how it makes your job so much easier.

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  • Full contact management. Manage your contacts easily with built-in categories, buy/sell/rent/investment intentions, matching, segmenting, mass communication and more.

  • Assigned categories. Manage your contact list by assigning categories and linking them to specific properties.

  • Search filters. Search through your contacts quickly with search filters that sort them by tenants, owners, prospects, and more.

  • Add notes and tasks. Attach notes and tasks for each contact to help you manage your contact list. You can link conversations, emails, SMS, fax, document linking, meetings, sticky notes, phone calls, to do's, inspections, maintenance, and mail merge with each contact.

  • Auto-duplication of emails.Emails from relevant stakeholders (owners, tenants, suppliers etc.) in your inbox are automatically duplicated into the REI Master database (MS Exchange) for your convenience.

  • MS Outlook integration. This includes integration for email, contacts, and calendar (maintenance, inspections, meetings) events. You can then sync these straight to your phone via MS Exchange.

  • Merge fields. Merge fields to SMS, email and documents (including MS Word, PDF and HTML templates) to make sure your contacts are always kept in the loop.

  • Direct SMS messaging. Send SMS texts directly from REI Master for quick and easy communication. Best of all, SMS replies can go straight to your email inbox.

  • Create reminders and recurring tasks. Make sure you never forget to contact a client or get back to a prospect by setting reminders and recurring tasks on your task list.

  • Contact matching. Match buyers to properties, properties to buyers, and important files to contacts so you can manage your contact list better and never miss new business opportunities.


Manage All You Contacts in One Place

Whether you’re building your contact list or updating a full network of contacts, REI Master gives you the flexibility to communicate with them however you like.

Forget switching between programs and manually entering contact details every time you want to message a client or follow up on a prospect. With REI Master, you can manage all your contacts in one place (and one screen!) using a seamless CRM system that gets everyone on the same page.

It’s contact management made simpler – just the way you want it.