Document Management (FileMaster)


Forget about expensive 3rd party add-ons for managing all your documents – File Master will let you print, store and retrieve files all from REI Master.

File Master is a comprehensive document management system that’s built-in with our software, providing seamless file integration as you manage your properties. Link files to your statements, pull out old invoices for reference or back up important files and records for each property – all without leaving REI Master.

It’s the all-in-one document management system you’ve always wanted, and you’ll have it right here from the start with REI Master.


Learn the full features of File Master below to find out how it makes your job easier.

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Paper is so yesterday! Our electronic filing will help you keep all your important documents in one place while letting you retrieve and send the right files quicker than ever.

  • Link important documents. Attach invoices, lease agreements, inspection reports and more to the relevant stakeholders.

  • Document categories. Categorise your documents (e.g. Lease Agreements, Invoices, Owner Agreements and more) to group similar files together and make your document management easier.

  • Add notes. Insert notes and details for your documents to provide more information for recipients or yourself.

  • Assign files to records. Link files and documents to their respective stakeholders for record-keeping and reference.

  • Import records. Import files and records with a few clicks to make document retrieval a breeze.

  • Bulk update tool. Assign information and create updates for multiple records simultaneously to save time and effort.

  • Print to file feature. Save time printing documents in the future by printing it to file. This includes all important documents at end-of-month disbursements.

  • Batch filing. File documents in bulk – direct from your scanner's folder – so you can organise files for each property more easily.

  • Automatic delivery. Automatically send copies of documents with end-of-month statements or resend them at any time at your convenience.

  • Separate backups. Aside from regular document backups (e.g. when reconciling), you can create separate backups of your document management system that won't interfere with standard backups.


Advanced Search and Retrieval

File Master’s advanced search and retrieval tool will make pulling up records quick and easy. Whether you need to find a job invoice from last month or a receipt from a supplier you worked with several years ago, File Master will let you find it in no time. Using an intricate system of categories and filters, File Master will sort through your files and deliver any file you need in seconds.

Document Management Made Simpler

Tired of switching programs and sorting through all your desktop folders just to find one file you need to send to a client? Save yourself the hassle by having everything in one place with File Master. With it, retrieving documents will be as easy as storing them, giving you the files you need with a few scrolls and clicks. Its document management made simple – just what you need to make your job easier.