Document Management (File Master)

Forget about expensive 3rd party add ons. REI Master is complete with print to file, document storage and retrieval, and a separate back-up file.

REI Master has a comprehensive document management system built right in. Paper is so yesterday! Our electronic filing will help you keep all your important documents in an organised way.

Print to file including all important documents at end of month disbursement.

Link important documents such as invoices, lease agreements, inspection reports and more to the relevant stakeholders.

File documents in bulk, direct from your scanner's folder.

Categorise your documents (e.g. Lease Agreements, Invoices, Owner Agreements and more).

Easily search, retrieve email and print documents.

Automatically send copies of documents with end of month statements. Resend at any time.

Separate backup of the document management system means it won't interfere with your regular backups (e.g. when reconciling).

REI Master is everything you need to be an awesome property manager!

We live and breathe Property Management from the IT side of things.