Property Inspections Made Simple With Property Inspection Software from REI Master

Schedule inspections, set inspection reminders, and send notices faster than ever with REIInspect.

Inspections are a critical part of property management, so REI Master gives you a powerful tool for planning, managing and completing your inspections easily.

REIInspect is our dedicated inspections app, giving you fully integrated software that syncs seamlessly with REI Master. REIInspect makes inspections effortless, helping you complete your property inspections faster and more thoroughly – with less work.

Whether you’re managing one property or many, REIInspect will help you deliver the high level of professionalism your clients expect.

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Property Inspection Software Features

REIInspect makes your life easier by giving you tools and features that let you manage every aspect of your property inspections.

  • Create, view and manage inspection tasks easily. Get a clear overview of outstanding inspection tasks, so you know which properties need your immediate attention.
  • Set up recurring tasks and inspections. Create recurring tasks once and have it renewed or carried over to the next cycle automatically. REIInspect will also automatically generate future inspections upon completing your current ones.
  • Merge to entry notices, bulk or individual. Send entry notices automatically with just a few clicks, whether it’s for one tenant or an entire complex.
  • Link users to inspections and view inspections per user/portfolio. Manage and set up users/client profiles so you can access notes and information quickly.
  • Inspection reminder pop-ups. Never miss inspections again with reminders that feature customisable lead times and integrated workflows.
  • Advanced note taking and image capturing functions. Add notes and attach images to your reports to provide more detail and proof of your findings.
  • Fully Customisable Templates. Use pre-generated templates for entry and exit condition reports that you can also customise for every property.
  • Tick off tasks easily. Tick off tasks as you complete them in real time, so you know what has been done and what needs attending to.
  • Professional reporting. Provide tenants and landlords with detailed reports that you can customise as much as you want.
  • Report management. Finalise, download, and send copies of your inspection reports quickly for your records and reference.

Sync It With REI Master

Our property management inspection software ‘REIInspect’ syncs with REI Master seamlessly, giving you greater control of your inspections and making sure you’re always on top of your property management. You can transfer your data and reports in seconds, making it easier to integrate your inspection notes for each client so you have all your information in one place.

Real Estate Inspection Software That Makes Your Life Simpler

REIInspect is the inspection app you never knew you needed – and once you’ve used it, you’ll never want to go back.

Forget writing inspection reports, sending entry notices one by one and setting calendar reminders for each property. With REIInspect, you can do all these (and more!) without breaking a sweat. Our property inspection software is fast, easy-to-use, and designed to make your life simpler as a property manager.