Direct Online Bookings

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Direct bookings are the cream. Maximise your opportunities with the Online Booking engine that is fully connected to REI Master for inventory, pricing and of course - bookings.

The Online Booking Engine is Responsive. Branded. Flexible.



Customisable to match your website design.


Fluid layout suits mobile, tablet, desktop and smart TV.

Full Control

Absolute live last room availability with no manual allotting and no double bookings.

Data Up

Accurate, real time data is seamlessly fed from REI Master your website. You stay in ultimate control at all times.

Bookings Inserted

Bookings simply drop right into REI Master with availability automatically adjusted everywhere.

Open Data Policy

Connect to the bookings partner of your choice. EzyRez Online, The Booking Button, Levart, ResOnline, eTourism and more!

We have amazing trainers, comprehensive data migration tools and first class telephone support. Why wait to get started with REI Master? We understand how you work, because we live and breathe property management - just like you. No matter your type of business, we are experienced in the features that are important to you.